Who you truly are 2022?

Sometimes you just know it’s time to start something new and trust the magic of new beginnings.

While all of us step into the New Year with some beliefs and patterns, some good intentions and some bitter sweet endings from the past year. I would like to take some time out and share a new narrative with you on my own take on 2022.

Much too often we place a mental fixation on what our year is going to be or what are the things that didn’t really work for us however do we sit back and introspect as what is actually going on in our life. Do we genuinely choose to take out time for ourselves and see our areas of growth, see where we have faltered and concluded that things are not working for us or have we ever checked in with the Universe as what is truly our plan and journey that the Universe wants us to take that will lead us towards a life of achievement and fulfillment?

With every passing year, even when planning things they don’t go the way we want them to, and even with us being as diligent with our plans and goals we have achieved some level of satisfaction and that is so much to be grateful for. I thank each experience that has made me the being I am today and a brighter better version of myself moving forward in further exploring and expanding new horizons for myself. So what really is 2022 offering to us and what can we do to make the most out of this year unlike the other years gone by. To begin with I have simplified it into the following steps and lets understand them further

1.The Journey Within

Only when we know what is it that we truly choose to have in our life, we wont know where to begin and hence the impetus to take time out in silence and in awareness to understand ones strengths, what are the things I don’t like and so I can clearly know of what do I really choose to have in my life ? What brings me joy and what if I achieved would bring me happiness. Simply by setting time aside to ponder on the various things that I would like to pursue in my life that would help me have a fulfilled life. Set goals in different areas that you choose to focus on like Career, Relationships, Health and so on and so forth

2. The Art of Letting Go

Now that we now know from the first step of identifying with connecting to our inner wisdom of what I choose, now in the art of letting go, see all the places where you would need to change or let go of the patterns and habits, people and choices that you now would have to make to be able to achieve what you choosing in the new year. This process helps one declutter and have more clarity on what one could choose to be able to achieve their desired goal. Choose a routine without any distractions so you can be clear on your path towards your goal.

3.Gratitude always leads the way

Gratitude is the best friend of alignment and in direct frequency with the Universe, hence being simply grateful for everything in each day ensures life with ease and swiftness. Hence choosing gratitude and an attitude of conscious thankfulness helps me see life from a lightness and smoothness in every course of my day, month and year.

4.Building the future

So many times we fix our goals and dreams already deciding the final outcome before even giving our best shot and attempting our fullest into it. How could I encourage you to completely blow your mind and choose bigger and mightier goals that will inspire you to work towards it. So what if I were to ask you to look back on 1st January 2023 and see what all you did to achieve in 2022 how would it be. Set higher goals. plan for it and work smart to get it. At the end of the day, the goals you set are only a comprehension of your mind. So if you set it with an intention to achieve it you surely will.

5.Rechecking, Rebuilding, Recalibrating

An important parameter check to always have with you handy is the triple R of rechecking, rebuilding and recalibrating cause we must always be flexible in our approach and be open to start and change course when the situation demands. This flexibility in life helps one experience change with much more ease and also see one’s level of resilience in achieving no matter what. Timely checks like quarterly, semi annually and even annually help one implement best practices and choose better choices. However timely checks and reviews done on the things you love and that enhance your state of life can be done whenever and wherever.

6.Joy in the Journey

Being happy with all or some action is the key to life. Understanding the experience of the journey is more important than the destination and enjoying each day and the experience it unfolds is what is supreme wisdom. So please choose each day with a choice that you have a new day and you can make it the best day of your life. Each each followed in the same fashion will create a beautiful and experiential journey when you look back. We all have the gift of life and what we choose to do with it is completely upto us. So let’s make the most of it.

So year 2022 is asking us to choose the self cause we have all in different ways have experienced and changed in the last two years with all the things happening in the world. Life has taken a 180 degree turn and we have all had our moments of highs and lows. This year is asking us to not only give it a new try however its asking us to rise above all that limits us and be our grandest, greatest version of our self. When the whole world is changing, Mother Earth is changing, moving into light, moving into love, moving into oneness. Can we choose to be the change that we have always desired. A better world, a richer life, a peaceful space, loving connection and a true purpose. Cause if you don’t rise you may just miss the ride !!

6 responses to “Who you truly are 2022?”

  1. Perfect mantra for an ideal way of living. A to Z. Really u have inspured me a lot and following you and ur advices made me luk at the life more optimistic. Thank u 🙏

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Im really motivated after reading this nice write up .it’s make me so happy .
    And this is life .everything is possible.
    If we put our mind and heart to it .
    Thank you so much Goddess Wisdom

    Liked by 1 person

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